5 07 2011

It’s not that I don’t have anything to do.

I still have about eight or nine stacks of cards to blog about on the old scanner most of which are about two weeks old, but they don’t seem to be going anywhere.  I have a bunch of series 2 cards that I bought two weeks ago, but have yet to sort them and now have more coming.  I am still working on finishing two trades, one of which I just need to mail and the other which I’m almost done pulling, but haven’t touched in two weeks.  In fact, lately when it comes to collecting in general, I seem to have fallen flat on my face in the last two weeks.
So while I lament the fact that Scott Rolen and I are the same age (and I’m actually older than Tim Hudson, pictured in one of the worst 2011 Bowman cards I’ve seen this year), it’s not really the age thing that gets to me.  What’s caused this crippling lack of momentum here at Hand Collated headquarters is the aforementioned move to the night shift and the need to sleep because of it.

Right now half of my week is work and sleep.  Twelve hours of work at night, nine hours of sleep during the day, three and four days a week.  That leaves three hours of “free time,” one of which I have to remain quiet for while the kids sleep.  One of which, if I’m lucky, translates into family time.  The other hour involves things like showering and driving to work.  That’s half a week where I get absolutely nothing done.  It does not make me feel like an MVP.

Even days off don’t offer much free time for me, because sleeping during the day isn’t the same as sleeping at night.  My body still struggles to catch up.  And if there’s any deviation in that nine-hour sleep schedule it can actually wear me down.  I am now forced to nap by my body almost anytime I end up close to a sleeping position.  I sat on the couch the other day, turned off my phone to reboot it, and fell asleep before I could restart it.  I’ve fallen asleep reading bedtime stories to the kids.  While at work it’s easy to stay awake, at home you can gear up for a big day and end up lasting the equivalent of  four innings and give up seven runs.  All you can do is shake your head and tweet “Tough one last night. Another chance at that line-up in five days.”

At times like this, I often think about the younger days.  And I remember that, except when I was living with my parents and working two jobs, I really didn’t have the money or time for baseball cards then, either.  I was too busy wooing my now wife with dinners and studying at school.  Oh, and beer, too.  And now I’ve got much more important things to worry about than pieces of cardboard with baseball players on them.  Like starting a letter writing campaign to bring back these Padres jerseys.  These things make even Yorvit Torrealba look like a bad ass.

So what does the future hold?  Well, I’ve got this night shift for another two months.  I may or may not get a vacation in there somewhere, which would end up being time spent on catching up on all the things around the house that I haven’t had a chance to do.  I would make sure to squeeze more card time in there, too.  But until then, readers, well, things are going to be hit and miss  for a while.  I’m hoping that by posting this now, I won’t feel guilty about not posting things and feel obligated to force some of these trade posts.

Speaking of trade posts , all these cards and more came in the deal I made with the Dog Faced Gremlin.  He knocked out about half of my Bowman wantlists, which means I should have them posted for the general public in the next few days.

As long as I get some sleep.




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11 07 2011
Mike Von Krusze

Wa, Wa, Wa.

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