Late night eBaying strikes again, and a discussion question for free

8 07 2011

Is everyone tired of me posting just Reds lately?  Obviously I’m a fan and all, but I never thought this blog would get so Cincicentric like it has lately.

I’m not going to lie to you – posts like this bore the hell out of me.  Reading them on other blogs, I mean, not typing them.  I don’t mind posting them because hey, they’re my cards and they’re of my favorite team.  But most of the time seeing a post full of Rockies or Yankees will have me waiting until your next post.

Will this revelation mark me as an outcast in the blogging world?  Dunno.  I’m sure there are others who feel the same way though.  And that’s the bit I’d like to see discussed – do large posts of team cards just bore you, or can good writing save them and make them great?  Does the fact that I don’t like them make me less serious of a blogger and collector?  I should enjoy most things card related, right?  And you know what I just did to take a break?  Read a team focused blog post.  So go figure.

But  if they do bore you, then you can skip the rest of thist.  After you comment, of course.  Cause it’s me showing off a number of Reds.

I’m puzzled as to why I waited this auction out.  I’m sure I spent more than I wanted to, because I usually do.  I’ll reach my limit and then go one more bid which usually wins me whatever I bidding on.  So it’s nice to know that I’m not overvaluing things, just overspending on them.  This lot didn’t break the bank, thought, but I have drained the rest of the gift card money since then and a few extra bucks from the checking account to boot.  That means that my purchasing power is all but gone.  I’ve got one other card in mind at this point, and I’ll be pleased as punch if I can find it for a fair price.  So all but a few of the posts from here on out will be cards I’ve gotten from trades.  At least until the household economy picks up.

So, you wanna see what I got?  Okay…

I always have to double-check the name of this stuff.  It’s 2010 Bowman Chrome Draft Picks and Prospects, and there’s probably one of the more important prospects for the Reds from last year, Drew Stubbs.  After failing in 2010 at the lead off spot, Drew took off when he was dropped lower in the order.  Without a true leadoff guy this year, Drew was asked to take the role back, and he’s currently sporting a .185 batting average when leading off the game.  That’s just not good at all.  Looking over his splits, he also suffers in close and late games and anytime the score is within two runs.  Hopefully as Stubbs matures, the pressure situations will become less tense and he can just hit the ball rather than strike out all the time.  But he’s still pretty young, so I’m not worried about him yet.

Without looking at stats, I’mma bet Mike Leake is the 2nd best starter on the team right now.  Behind Cueto.  Then Bailey, Arroyo, and finally, the disappointing Edinson Volquez.

At the beginning of the season I would have taken Wood over Leake, but Mike has really started to steal my heart over the course of his last few starts.  I wouldn’t say it’s criminal what he’s done since his return, but his June featured a 2.63 ERA and a WHIP below 1 (now I looked).  All this from a guy the league appeared to have figured out at the end of last year.

The fact that Leake is the Reds second best pitcher (if the shirt fits…) seems a perfect reason as to why the Reds are in the spot they are in – muddling around the .500 mark.  That still leaves them only a few games out of first, and poised to make a run, I suppose, but I’ve been thinking that since early June.  It’s been a frustrating season, to say the least.

Since his demotion to the bullpen, LeCure has given up two runs in twenty innings of work.  And while he wasn’t awful as a starter, he certainly didn’t inspire confidence when he went out and pitched.  And remember what I’ve said about ballplayers with twitter feeds?  Here ya go.  Enjoy the mustache.

How serious are the Reds about having Travis work things out in AAA?  Well, Dontrelle Willis is getting the call this Sunday to pitch in place of Volquez.  Yep, the D-train is making a stop in Milwaukee with battle the Brewers and help the Reds take three of four from those beer makers.  I hope.

Travis is still one of my favorites, and the results have been good since his demotion to AAA.  I imagine he’ll be back sometime, or part of a trade package that brings the Red that last piece to start their run.  Some of his shine comes from being a Red, I’m sure, but for now I do love me some Wood.  Wait, that doesn’t sound right…

Also not pictured, because I have nothing really to say about them are Juan Francisco (who seems to have hit his ceiling at AAA) and Jordan Smith (injured?  Louisville?  I don’t quite know anymore).  I believe that’s a full set of Reds rookies from the 2010 BCDPP release.  I’m not sure who else would be there.

The good news is, this should be the last post of just Reds cards for a while.  I guess I shouldn’t make that promise, but I’ve got nothing planned at this point, and I’ve still got five stacks of cards just sitting on my scanner waiting to be dealt with.

Unless you’d like more team-centric posts, that is…




8 responses

8 07 2011

Snore, snort, urumph, wha?? Oh sorry fell asleep there. Reds make me sleepy. J/K. They make me angry. CB Smash!!!!!

9 07 2011

Why would they make you mad when they let you win ballgames?

They should make you happy!

8 07 2011

You’re doing this blog on, so I know you’re not in it to make money. So post what you want to write about.

I’m not a Reds fan, but I’m more likely to read a post with a theme than a random trade post that’s just “Here’s a bunch of cards I got from [blogger] – aren’t they cool?”

9 07 2011

As I said, I don’t mind posting them because hey, they’re my cards and they’re of my favorite team.

I’ve come to realize that without a theme or good writing, trade posts can be boring, too. I try to at least keep things interesting around here. Whether it works or not, well…

8 07 2011
Ryan G

Funny, Nachos Grande just posted on the same topic. I think it depends on the post, my time, and the card subjects. If there’s good writing, I have enough time to actually read it, and the cards shown in the scans are good, I’ll most likely read the whole post. Otherwise, I’ll skim through and see what goodies the blogger picked up, follow a couple links that look interesting, and move on. Trade posts are an important part of most people’s blogs, and I don’t hold it against them when they post ’em. I make plenty of show-and-tell posts too.

And I’ll quote Paul again: Post what you want to write about.

9 07 2011

Yep, that’s about where I’ve gotten to as well. I actually miss the days of drama in the sports card world, when there was lawsuits and Mario was almost an insider. There’s just not enough variety when it comes to card blogs, I guess.

9 07 2011
Ryan G

I’m not sure it’s a lack of variety. I think the lack of drama is a big part, since there’s only one manufacturer doing basically the same stuff every year. Maybe we can push some of this lawsuit drama for the online games into the blogs.

10 07 2011

Dontrelle has given up two runs in three innings, so you may have to hurry it up if you were planning to write about him as a Red.

How about a Bengals post? I see Pac-man Jones is back in the news.

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