25 07 2011

So I thought with the looming Gint-a-Cuffs posts that would soon blanket the blogging world like a heatwave in the midwest I would take a break and return when the dust had settled and the champion had been crowned.  Everyone else would be so excited about framed relics, black bordered minis, and unannounced inserts like those face flatulence minis and the carnival cards that they would hardly notice I was gone.

But as it turns out, the commish of Gint-a-Cuffs played it smart with the release of his rules and delayed them so there would be no surprises.  This caused a delay in  people posting their breaks, which means my break accomplished nothing other than a break for me.  Oh well.  Not the first plan I’ve had that’s gone awry, and it won’t be the last, either.

But in honor of the whole Gint-a-Craze, I’m going to attempt to score five cards from a trade package I received from Buckeye State’s Trading Post about a month ago back using the parameters of the Gint-A-Cuffs rules.  ‘Cause, you know, it’s a timely thing to do.

When I finish this set, I’m going to wonder if Topps really needed to have it feature 180 different cards.  I think that Brooks Robinson is one of Beardy’s favorite players.  If he’s not, he certainly should be, so I’m giving myself +2 for this card.  Because Franklin and Bash here should be worth something, right?

This card also scores a +5 because Frank was a Fortune for the Taking from the Redlegs back in 1966.  It’s arguably the worst trade in the history of baseball.  Try and name another trade that gives up an MVP for almost nothing.  I’m waiting.

That’s what I thought.  +7 so far.

I know Night Owl had a theory about Russell Martin not being able to take a bad photograph on his cards.  If he never offered this as proof, he should have.  But Martin’s decline has been somewhat mysterious, so that’s a +3 for this one.  And were this any other year, it’d be another +2 for the favorite player rule.  This year, however, he’s a dirty rotten Yankee and not worth a thing in that regard.  Not since the end of April, anyway.

+10.  There’s no stopping me now…

Hooray, a Yankee.  Actually, two of them.  -2, right?  This appears to be the same image as the bottom of the Rivera’s Kimball card from a different angle.  But he’s also second on the all times save list, making him by Topps’ definition, the penultimate closer in history.  So that’s a net +1.  Maybe those Yankees aren’t so bad after all.

I’m surprised to see Comeback Cardinal of the Year Lance Berkman on the favorite person list, but no Albert Pujols there.  The Cardinals this year are an animal in peril due to the aggressive front office of the Brewers, the surprising surge of the Pirates, and to a lesser degree the lifeless mediocrity that has been the Reds.  I don’t see St. Louis coming out on top as they stand now, but I’ll try and revisit the NL Central once the trade deadline is complete.  Until then, it’s a +3 points.

Another Yankee?  Oh no.  Why would I do such a thing?

Well, it’s Gehrig’s card that really made me understand how good Albert Pujols is.  4th all time in career slugging percentage.  4th.  That’s pretty awesome, and even though I get tired of hearing how great this guy is, he’s one of those guys I’ll be telling my kids about when they get older and take an interest in baseball.

As for the Iron Horse, sounds like a ship name to me.  So does Biscuit Pants, for that matter.  That’s a +2.

If my math is correct, that’s a +13 for those five cards.  A decent average that should put atop the Gint-a-Leaderboard.  If only I could play with handpicked cards I received in trade and then judge them by my own rules.  I’d be a cinch for victory!




3 responses

25 07 2011

Re: Frank Robinson – I assume you mean a trade that gives up someone who’s already been an MVP. The Cubs got Ryne Sandberg (and Larry Bowa) for Ivan DeJesus, but of course Sandberg was an untested rookie at the time.

26 07 2011

Well, Robinson qualifies in both categories, right? Once was and then became MVP again. But your point is taken.

26 07 2011

I’m the Berkman guy. And when I pulled a Pujols I thought for sure it was a point card. Surprised me as well when I saw he wasn’t a fave player.

btw…. I was a Berkman fan (he was pretty much impossible to dislike) when he was here in Houston and my two possible Oriole choices were already taken.

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