2012 Topps no name errors?!?

21 02 2012

Was flipping through eBay as I contemplate spending money in the hobby again, and saw a number of “no name” errors.  I’ve always assumed these are when Topps keeps the press rolling but runs out of foil, and then quality control misses them.

I’ve always sent these in to get them replaced, but apparently these things are selling for $5-$10 for a single card.  Is this a new fad?  Is it just one or two subs that are bidding on these?  Or have I been a fool for too long?




4 responses

21 02 2012

I used to spend $3-$5 for Stadium Club foil errors back in the early 1990s, if they were of players I collected.

I doubt I’d have an interest now, though, considering how many cards are being made.

22 02 2012
Mike Von Krusze

Collectors have been purchasing cards like this for years.

22 02 2012

To pull a punch, that seems like an idiotic thing to buy. It’s like legos without the bumps. Twinkies without their filling. It’s just a factory failure more than anything else.

I wonder how much money I’ve been losing sending those back all this time…

23 02 2012
Mike Von Krusze

I think these types of cards are more of a novelty in this age of collecting. I do remember hearing about some from the past that were, at one time, very pricey.i.e. a Frank Thomas rookie card that had no name on it or a Billy Rypkin card that was photographed with a very dirty word inscribed on his bat.

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