An offering of Pete

28 02 2012

So, yeah, I disappeared again, didn’t I.  Sorry about that.  Will you accept this Rose as part of my apology?

I think the Reds failures last season coupled with the continuing failures of the economy really put an end to any collecting surge I had going.  And I managed to so overwhelm myself by trying to collect everything that I ended up burning out and collecting nothing.  Great plan, I know.

But with spring training comes new beginnings and new hope (Unless you are an Astros fan – for that you have to wait a couple more seasons, I think), and new cards.

I really can’t guarantee how long I’ve got in this blogging world again.  I’m hopeful that some recent changes become more permanent, which would then allow for more discretionary spending and more free time on my part.  That would mean more carding and blogging, too.




One response

2 03 2012

Do what you want when you want. That’s the great thibg about it being yours. You can do what you want whenever. I try niot to let the guilts get to me as well. I just post when I feel like it.

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