From Brett Pill to The Jam

7 03 2012

I almost included this guy in my “more firsts” posts, but I didn’t want to alienate any Dodger fans with three Giants in a row.  And I thought it was a bit of a stretch to get from this card to where I wanted to go in just a sentence or two.

That’s Brett Pill there, for those who aren’t familiar with his face.  My scanner doesn’t like the combination of silver foil on a black background.  I’m sure I can tweak that somehow, but I also enjoy challenging your knowledge of baseball players names, so I’m probably going to leave it alone.

Anyhow, he was going to be the “First Bad Pun Card” in that post, with the line “this card was hard to swallow,” a somewhat obvious reference I suppose to the phrase “the bitterest pill.”  Clever, I know.

I cannot think of that phrase without hearing this song in my head:

Sadly, that’s not the actual video, but it’s all I can find on YouTube for now.  It’s the perfect midpoint between the Jam’s earlier work and what would be Paul Weller’s next band, The Style Council.

While watching that video, I realized my knowledge of the Jam is limited to their more well-known songs, including “That’s Entertainment” and “This is the Modern World.”  Outside the EP and the songs I would hear on the local alternative station, I never gave much of a chance to the rest of their work.  One later, I was immersed in their six CD box set  Direction, Reaction, Creation.  Holy cow, they’re good.  What in the heck took me so long?

So now, thanks to Topps and Brett Pill,  I’m now a much bigger fan of the Jam, and toying with the idea of getting that box set sometime soon.

All of this gives me yet another reason to appreciate the 2012 Topps release.

Or is that leap too hard to swallow?




One response

7 03 2012
Anthony Hughes

great post, mixing baseball cards and The Jam!

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