First thoughts on 2012 Topps Finest

10 03 2012

I like it when Topps (or anyone for that matter) designs a set that looks so bad I feel no desire at all to put it together.

Here’s the base card design of that hot rookie, Troy Tulowitzkilss.  I’m sure the RC logo is just an oversight and will be removed before printing.  The choice to put the player name and position together like that with only a vertical line to separate them is a bad one, though.  Even just a bold dot would be better.

Looking over the inserts, it’s what I would expect from Finest.  There are some die cut inserts that are okay looking, and I suppose it’s just a matter of time before we see a full die cut release from Topps if we haven’t already.




One response

12 03 2012

God that’s awful. The design – not the RC oversight – I agree, that’s funny but I wouldn’t expect them to spend tons of time QC-ing preview images.

I kind of stopped paying attention to finest in 1995 when they added the protective cover. I’ve seen some of the designs – but nothing really captures the awesome look of the 93 set. Last year’s design kind of did – not that I will collect it, but I do think it looked cool. But this looks like some of the other designs they’ve done that I didn’t like.

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