2012 Topps Top Ten (so far)

14 03 2012

Okay, so it’s probably a bit early for this one since I’m still a Disney set of  dalmatians away from completion. So while I feel pretty good about my #1 and think my #2 will stay in the top three, it’s possible that by the time I finish this set my top ten will be completely different.  But, as wise people are known to say, you cannot worry about the future and let it stop you from doing things today.   Or something like that.

So, if it makes you feel better, we’ll call this the first group of nominees for the 2012 Topps base set hall of fame.  How’s that?

#10 – J.P. Arencibia

Why this card?  Not only is this a great action shot, but it’s also an easy to remember visual for remembering  dominance of the Blue Jay over the Oriole in the animal kingdom.  You’ll thank me when you study that in science class.

Do I have a bias?   I hate to admit it, but I’ve wanted this guy in my fantasy keeper league since last year.  His current owner is obsessed with one Joey Votto, which means a deal will probably never happen.  Instead, I’ll gaze longingly at this card and dream what might have been.

What 80’s set could this card fit in:  1988 Score

#9 –  Alcides Escobar

Why this card?  I absolutely love the color contrast on this card, and that blue is simply fantastic.   This should become the standard for the color “Royal Blue.”  Crayola should release a box of 64 crayons that are just this color blue.  The sky should be dyed to match this color blue.  All other blues should be outlawed.

Do I have a bias?  Again, fantasy baseball comes into play.  He’s been my backup SS since he entered the league, and is the reason I chose to hang onto Todd Frazier instead of Zack Cozart.  That may end up being a mistake,   but even without that connection, it’s still a brilliant photo.  That and I love blue.

What 80’s set could this card fit in: 1989 Upper Deck

#8 – Rick Porcello

Why this card?  Hey kids, ever want to see how to hold what I assume is a circle change?  Rick Porcello has you covered!  Sometimes it is the little things like this that makes a card standout for me.

Do I have a bias?  None that I can think of.

What 80’s set could this card fit in: 1984 Fleer

#7 – Michael McKenry

Why this card?  It’s the Black Swan of baseball cards. And he’s got a name (Michael McKenry) that’s made for 80’s pop music. Yet this is only my seventh favorite card.  How is that possible?

Do I have a bias?  I think after years of failure, it’s hard not to feel bad for the Pirates on some level, even if they are in the same division as the Reds .  It’s not like they are challenging them for anything…  yet.

What 80’s set could this card fit in:  None, but I think it’d look good on a ’84 Topps design.

#6 – Jhoulys Chacin

Why this card?  I’ve seen mixed opinions about cards like this.  I’ve seen people complain that if the focus of the card is Jhoulys Chacin, that he shouldn’t be stuck in the background like that.  That 2/3rds of his card shouldn’t be taken up by a nameless Padre (I think).

I’m on team  depth  here.  I like the layers of action that are present and my eyes still know to focus on Chacin (thanks, golden spiral!).  Sure, I’d like to see Chacin a little larger on the card and it’s one reason this card falls down to #6 on the list.

Do I have a bias?  Not that I can think of.  I have a friend who is a big Denver area sports fan, and while I really don’t like the Avalanche (I even rooted for the <gasp> Red Wings to beat them in the playoffs one year), I have no real qualms against the Rockies.

What 80’s set could this card fit in:  1982 Topps In Action

Five more to come later this week.




One response

16 03 2012

I agree with you on the Chacin card – the focus issue doesn’t make it a bad card at all. I read something where someone was trashing 2012 topps for photography and brought this and a couple other cards up. Completely unfair because:
a) not everyon agrees that in and of itself this is bad
b) they only did this on a couple of cards – so bringing up the 5 cards where they did do this to say the whole set stinks doesn’t make sense

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