2012 Topps Top Ten (so far), Pt 2

16 03 2012

I know you are dying to see the rest, so without further ado…

#5 – John Jaso

Why this card?  I’m not sure what it is about this card that draws me.  I’ve spent the last few hours staring at it off and on looking for inspiration, and while I like it every time I look at it, it’s hard for me to tell you why.  I imagine plays like this are instinctual for catchers, though, ’cause Jaso’s up with the mask off and almost fielding the ball before Jeter (I think) is even out of the batter’s box.

Do I have a bias? Apparently for catchers, since this is the third card that features one on the list.

What 80′s set could this card fit in:  1983 Topps

#4 – Casey McGehee

Why this card?  I’m a sucker for mixed shading.  When I was a kid I would stand at the top of our hill in sunlight and marvel at the fact that the bottom of the street would be shaded by clouds, and there’s some of that feeling here.  Of course, this is an artificial shade and less inspiring than my youthful experiences, but it still brings me that memory.  So don’t ruin it with your logic.   That stupid white hat is doing enough ruining already.

And how did I not mention the action?

Do I have a bias?  Against the Brewers, maybe.  But McGehee’s not as obnoxious as some of his Brew-crew teammates, which may have led me to over look them and like this card more.

What 80′s set could this card fit in:  1989 Topps Big

#3 – Jacoby Ellsbury

Why this card?  It’s a play at the plate!  And he looks safe.  It’d be better if Ellsbury’s crotch weren’t the center of the card, or if you could see some eyeballs.  On the flip side, that flying catcher’s mask is hard to ignore, and whoever the catcher is looks like he’s analyzing the line between plate and dirt very closely to see if Jacoby is scoring that run.  Knowing how things went for the Red Sox last year, I’m changing my verdict to out.

Do I have a bias?  Nope.

What 80′s set could this card fit in:  1983 Donruss Postcards

#2 – Matt Holiday

Why this card?  I love the 80’s feel of this one.  In a set filled with action shots, images like these tend to stand out a little more than usual, especially when the lighting belies another era when I was able to overlook the financial factors of the hobby and just enjoy the cards.

Do I have a bias? Yes, against the Cardinals.  I hate to say this, but they may have the best looking cards in the set this year.

What 80′s set could this card fit in: This card was made for 1987 Topps Team Leaders subset.

#1 – Jay Bruce

Why this card?  What else could it be?  Those of you who were thinking of me when you were opening your 2012 boxes (how sweet!) must have known when you saw this that it would be one of my favorites of the bunch.  After all, Jay Bruce walk-offs are pretty sweet.  Hopefully we’ll see a lot of these celebrations this year.

Do I have a bias? Absolutely.

What 80′s set could this card fit in: 1986 Fleer SuperStar Special subset.

I’m interested in hearing your favorites in the comments below.




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