Trading with $30 a Week Habit

27 03 2012

One thing that always amazes me in the speed in which some bloggers finish off the sets they collect.

Already in the last month I’ve seen two or three posts about the completion of 2012 Topps Series 1 and one or two more regarding the completion of  some of the insert sets as well.  Meanwhile I’m still trying to track down the final three cards for my 2007 Topps set.

Seriously.  Go ahead and look.  Click on the link above that says “Baseball wants 1980-now” (hint, nudge, plug).  You’ll see that I’m also three cards from completing my 2009 set, two cards from completing the 2010 set,  and about fifty cards short of declaring my  2011 set complete.  And as of now I’m about eighty cards short of completing this years release.

I’m sure some bloggers just have bought more cards than I have.  And that’s fine.  I will say that I’m not one to purchase singles to complete sets unless I’m getting a super good deal.  $1 for a 1990 Score Ken Griffey Jr?  No thanks.  That’s like 1/7th the value of the set.  I’ll just keep holding out for a trade instead.

So when I see someone who has wantlists for sets that I collect, too, I’m eager to get a trade completed.  So when I saw that  $30 A Week Habit was collecting (I believe he’s since completed) the 2012 Topps set, I was quick to email him.  Our trade was done in a matter of days.

This by far is the best card he sent:

It’s one of my new favorites.  Sorry J.P. Arencibia, but your place on the top ten list seemed tenuous at best.  I’d slot Cabrera in at #5, and knock everyone else down accordingly.

I’m sorry I don’t have the thousand words to devote to this one right now, but it is a pretty awesome shot that you don’t see very often on cardboard.  And it’s perfectly oriented to boot.

Unlike this disaster of a Chris Iannetta card.  I realized while looking at this one that it’s the first time the phrase “worst card” popped into my mind.  After almost two hundred cards, I take that as a sign of how good the photography in this set actually is.  I’m telling you that years from now we will use the word “underrated” when talking about 2012 Topps.

Either make this a horizontal card, use that airbrush to clear out that Phillie in the foreground, or find a new shot of Iannetta altogether.  Bleah.

I’m not going to show any of the 2011 Topps he sent, because it was mostly standard baseball card shots that I needed.  But I will show one of the handful of Kimball Champion minis he sent, because how awesome is Castro’s pose on the bottom of that one?  I’m pretty sure that he’s in mid Kalinka there, which is part of the Cubs new strategy of winning through distraction.  And should I note the irony of the guy who committed twenty-seven errors and sported a .950 fielding percentage in 2010 being called a “champion base ball fielder” in 2011?

At some point I’ll have to add the Updates and Highlights portions of the Kimball set to my list as well, but I’m still not sure whether I’m going to collect the set as well, so that’s on hold for now.

And if I see you are collecting the 2012 Topps set, I’ll probably be in touch with you as well.  Or you can contact me now and then you won’t have to wait.  I’m totally cool with that, too.




One response

27 03 2012

I’m not much of an Indians fan, but I have to agree, that ‘Drubal is pretty tight.

His card, I mean. :\

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