Value! In a box!

2 04 2012

Hey everybody!  Look what’s on the shelves of your local box store!

And check out what it says at the top? It’s 40% extra value!  My own personal estimate was a measly 25% extra value, but when I saw the number was actually 40%, I couldn’t resist.  I bought them all.

Actually I bought just one.  I  did pretty well with these last year, and message board inhabitants swear by last year’s Topps series 2/Bowman Chrome mixes as being the key to all the big hits.  So while I should be pulling cards for the Troll (sorry, man, it’s been a crazy week), instead I’ll be showing off what’s inside.

Here’s the only new thing in the box, an “exclusive CHROME refractor” which must be part of that 40% extra value.  Willie Mays is joined in the three card set by Mickey Mantle and, somewhat jarringly, Ken Griffey Jr.

The Kid’s inclusion makes sense, I suppose.  In light of Panini’s acquisition of the CMG contract, Griffey is arguably one of the top three retired hitters that Topps had left to include, especially since Bonds won’t allow this sort of thing.  But it’s weird to see a modern era player in the mix with two legends of the game, especially one who’s end years were marred by injury and steep decline.  I guess I don’t give Junior enough credit for his twelve years in Seattle.

Estimated % of value:  5-7%

Here’s a card I’m sure you’ve seen somewhere, and it’s my least favorite of the bunch.  And that’s saying something about a set I’m not fond of to begin with.

But I really dislike this card.  I’m sure it has something to do with my aversion to the Brewers to begin with and that whole Tony Plush thing puts me off, too.  Perhaps Brewer fans find it endearing the way Reds fans took to Farney.  Whatever the case, someone offer me something I’d like for this.  Please.

And the rest of the Heritage cards in the box looked a lot like this one, only without the weird look on his face and more cloudy backgrounds.  Boring.

Estimated % of value of Heritage stuff :  Don’t get me started

I somehow defied the odds and pulled fourteen cards that I needed for my set from this thing, including this one of Ryan Roberts.  I have no idea what’s happening to him in this picture.  Is there a squirrel in the basepath that he’s trying to avoid?  Is it a medical condition of some sort?  Has an overzealous security guard tazed him instead of the streaker that is just out of frame?  Whatever it is, it’s definitely an interesting moment to capture on cardboard.

With my wife opening with me, it was no surprise when she pulled a hit.  No quarter card, for sure.  But a pleasant surprise nonetheless.

A white jersey swatch of Jon Lester.  At 1:96, I’ve beaten the odds, which is always a treat.  And if it were an off day for me, I’d probably celebrate with a ninth inning beer.

Estimated % of value of  for 2012 Topps stuff:  one bucket of Popeye’s chicken with coworkers.

I do enjoy these boxes, and I wish I had more affection for the Heritage brand to make them really worth my while.  But I can’t  financially justify buying more of these when more than half of it is useless to me, so this is more than likely the last of these for the season.  No matter how much extra value they try and pack in.




2 responses

2 04 2012

I would definitely rather see Ken Griffey Jr. than yet another Mickey Mantle card. My only problem with including him in the legends group is that it makes me feel old.

3 04 2012

Wait… am I seeing that right? Hobby packs? In a retail store? *head asplode*

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