Something new from ’62

20 04 2012

I really didn’t mean to be away from here for the last two and half weeks. In fact, when I started blogging again (or is it again again?) in February, I was hoping that I could post around three times a week – Monday, Wednesday, and Friday – with the weekend off to refresh and spend time with the kids. It wouldn’t be the everyday pace that I tried to keep when I first started this thing up, but I’ve got a family now and other obligations that need tending, too.  I thought that three posts a week would be a big step up from the zero I had been averaging over the seven months prior, though, and armed with some thoughts, I was ready to roll.

Then came the real world once more.  Here’s a quick breakdown of how I spent my last eighteen days:

Work: 13 days
Birthdays: 3 days
Easter: 1 day

Those work days, by the way, are twelve-hour shifts.  Somewhere in there a guy’s gotta sleep. And catch up on all the stuff he didn’t get done because of everything else, so even if we pretend that all happened in that one extra day, it still leaves this:

Blogging:  0 days
Trading:  success!

The odd thing is that I did manage to squeeze in the time to work out a few trades.

You see, there are some sets that, when I see other bloggers are collecting them, get me to jump up and pull stuff right away for them. Almost all hockey sets qualify for this because hockey traders are so hard to find (but that’s another post.  I’ll probably have the time for that one sometime in May). 1979 Topps is another.

Why 1979 Topps, you may ask?  Well, 1979 Topps is not a highly traded commodity, so I know how frustrating it can be to find cards to complete the set.  In my own efforts to build this set, I’ve managed to build up a fair amount of duplicates in a variety of conditions, and it’s nice to be able to put them to good use.  So when I saw the Troll was putting together this set I was more than happy to put together a package that was Florida bound.  I wasn’t all that concerned about what I was getting in return.

Now, Troll didn’t send the same number of cards that I managed to find for him. But if you trade with the Troll you know that he’s not going to short change you either.

So when I opened the manilla that I had received, I was in awe seeing this one.  Troll actually sent along five cards from the 1962 Topps set and one from my 1972 set to boot, but this Pinson is a thing of beauty.  So now I’m back to his wantlists to try to find something more to make up for the difference.  I see he’s posted another one of my trigger sets, 2007 Topps, so when I get done with this, I’ll have to start pulling again.  But really no amount of 2007 Topps is going to equal this Pinson.

While the Troll Might Rule, it’s clear that ThorzulWill.  He and I worked out a quick swap for some inserts that brought me some minor joy of a completed set:

Thanks to Thorzul, my Diamond Duos from series 2 is now complete.  That leave series 1, and, when I finally get around to it, the Update set as well.  Once those late Diamond Giveaway codes expire, I get the feeling that those boxes will drop.  So until then I’ll wait, much like you do for my next post.




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21 04 2012

I’ve never seen that Pinson card before – but I like it!

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