Hello again, old friends

13 02 2018

If you’ve been checking the site with any regularity since 2012, you’ll be excited to see this, right?

It’s a new post from everyone’s favorite blog about a guy who puts together a bunch of sets!


But there’s no pictures!


But that may change!


Look, I’m not guaranteeing that Ill be posting new stuff here with any regularity, but since I logged in to update my 1979 Topps wantlist, I figured I could mention that I am still collecting. I just haven’t been very active in my endeavors.

Looking back now I can see that I tried to collect too much.  I quit once I came up with the idea to try and build every set released by Topps over the course of a year.  I can’t imagine why I thought that would be smart.  It’s like I was Veruca Salt and this blog became my chocolate factory.  I wanted my golden goose, and down the garbage chute my enjoyment went.

But I’m older now.  Wiser.  And maybe I can find the time to get back out there, check out the new landscape, and see if I can once again start whittling away at some of these lists.  And share some more of my favorites.

I make no promises as of now.  But to be fair, it’s all you’ve had anyway since 2012.  But if I can get the old scanner to work on the days that I don’t, maybe you’ll see some new activity around here.  Blaster are still only $20, right?  And once Aaron Judge proves to be a fluke I can get that 2017 Series 1 box I’ve been waiting on, too.

So until then, the email still works.  Call a buddy.  Bring a friend.  But only if they want to make some trades.




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13 02 2018
Matt Wilson

Welcome back!

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