Uh oh… Joe Dimaggio cut outs found in 2008 Stadium Club packs

17 11 2008

Don’t have access to the images right now, but they are over at the Beckett message board.

A quick search of eBay comes up empty both for the full and the cutout version. Dimaggio appeared in Triple Threads with no problems, but Chris Harris advised that Dimaggio appears on the 2009 Upper Deck baseball checklist as card #0.

Anyone either pull the full version or have any info? Is this another Alex Gordon situation, or is there not enough of the card to provide any real value?  I’ll make some calls in the morning, but until then, I’ll throw this out there for speculation and possible dread.

*UDPATED*  So I called Topps Customer Service and they still have 13 cards listed for Dimaggio in the release.  The person I spoke with could not explain the absence of any of them on eBay of the cutout card, saying only, “There should have been a press release.”  Not a big help or a big surprise.

Also, apparently someone tried to sell their “cutout” on eBay for $50 with no luck.  This is before anyone realized who the card was, though.

I did call Upper Deck to see if they had some sort of exclusivity rights with Dimaggio.  Everyone that could answer the question was apparently out to lunch.

I’m not trying to push for this card to be the next great thing, I’m just trying to figure out if any of the real cards are out there.



6 responses

17 11 2008

Uh, you have to ask if there’s enough card for their to be any value?

It’s a piece of trash. It would be interesting to know how it got into a pack, and it would be interesting to know what’s the story with the #94 Joe DiMaggio card (if people haven’t been pulling normal, non-mutilated copies).

17 11 2008

Well, the Alex Gordon border was a piece of trash, too, and it seems to sell well. And while I can see the difference between the first card of a highly sought after rookie and a card of a legend who’s shown up in a number of sets recently, I can never discount what the card market will bring.

I agree with you on the curiousity factor, though. I doubt that customer service will have any answers, but we shall see.

27 11 2008

I pulled one tonight. Scans are up on Freedom Cardboard message boards. HERE is a link.

27 11 2008

Weird, so did I. Mine looks a little different from the one Neil (above) pulled, and the one that’s on eBay. It looks like a big black “X” was printed over both sides, THEN it was cut out. Which is strange. Take a look:

4 12 2008

I found one. I started the topic on topps.com on the message board about finding one. topic is called 2008 topps stadium WEIRD PULL

18 12 2008
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[…] further credence to the idea that Upper Deck signed  contract rights to Joe which forced the removal of Dimaggio cards from Topps Stadium Club earlier this […]

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